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Haiti is a distraction, Venezuela is the real target

2 Mar. 2004

Let's look first at the superficial media depiction of events. I remember many questioning aloud who would be next on the agenda after Iraq. I don't remember anyone offering Haiti as the likely victim. However there are a number of lessons to be taken from the turn of events. First of all, the US failed utterly to establish stability in Haiti, a tiny half of a tiny island an hour or so from the US mainland, in the ten years since the 1994 invasion under the Clinton administration. Yet, we're supposed to imagine that the US is qualified to establish order in Afghanistan and Iraq. And that's just the beginning. Intelligent analysts must question the US intentions in the first place (US Imperialist Invasion of Haiti article by Grover Furr, Oct. 1994).

I have long subscribed to the idea that the hegemoniac policies of the currently dominant but more or less unknown elite can be likened to a farmer whose greed has led to possession of lands far in excess of what he can himself manage. So he leaves the fields fallow, not to revive them, but to keep anyone else from benefitting from them until he has the opportunity or inclination to exploit them himself. This view is based on the understanding that these people have an illness of the heart and in their illness what gives them pleasure, unlike a healthy heart, is the suffering of others. That suffering proves to the afflicted one that the other, e.g. the poor or oppressed, is unworthy prima facie and conversely, true to the spirit of ressentiíment, that they are therefore worthy. Indeed the darwinian capitalist view of existence is that this world is the only world and that the punishment and reward of fire and garden are here incorporated directly by your ability to survive and scrabble to the top of the pile, no matter what the cost. Winning is proof in itself, and triumph is the only moral good. Losing and especially being poor are punishments meted out to those who don't deserve any better.

Haitians are mostly poor and so mostly don't matter at all. Poor people can be treated any way you like if you're ready to adopt to the materialist view which forms the background cosmology of the currently dominant elite. 'What, you mean when we're dust we will be raised again?'. That to them is nonsense. The judgement is here and now and money and power are proofs. Remember the statement of the Messenger Muhammad, salla llahu alehi wa salem, 'Look for me among the poor, because I was only sent on account of them.'

All of which leads me to a nightmarish deduction about the state of current events just at this moment. That is that Venezuela is the real target for US intervention - and I don't mean the US as if it were a coherent sovereign national entity, but rather the US as the visible power element of a chaotic, churning and internally bitterly divided materialist elite who are struggling to keep hold of the things which give them satisfaction in their twisted lives. Many among the non-muslims see various glimpses of this disease but their analyses are also in most cases themselves only superficially different since they return to some other materialistic idol, typically human rights, etc. See Shadia Drury on Leo Strauss for example.

Sure it is a commonplace that the real aim in Iraq was oil. Then what about Venezuela? And the background themes are hauntingly familiar. For more than 150 years the US has toppled every popular movement in South and Central America which would have brought benefit to the poor. Or to express it another way, which would have interfered with or made more complicated the extraction of every last cent of wealth from these lands. Forget Aristide, do you remember Allende? Haiti is like a dry run to get the forces outside the main pyramid used to the idea that the US will be going around setting things right in its own inimitiable manner whenever there is a problem which the US can exploit. A country whose most populous and wealthy state can elect Schwarzennegger as their 'governor' shows that politics is show business in the good ole US of A. The show of US Marines in Haiti is like a preview for another quick job of 'order restoration' in Venezuela. There are more than enough profits in Venezuela to buy the loyalty and lives necessary to push the current level of destabilization there to the limit that will have old Coffin Annan of the UNO clamoring for peace and who will step in at the last moment? Superman? It's a bird, it's a WMD, it's breakdown of civil order. All acceptable cover stories for a simple grab of other's wealth.

However there is a little unpleasant surprise in store for the oil adventurers. Guess what? Yes, Islam is spreading across Latin America. And why not? Like the Indians of Chiapas, after 500 years of Christianity and 150 years of capitalism, worship of Allah and the wisdom of the Shariat are bringing an end to the plight of thousands in this dreadfully exploited region. Worship of one god, no partners or sons, no usury or speculation, and justice with no taxation.

Hajj Mahmud Lund,
2 March 2004

PS. After completing this short article I found the following article written at the end of January, 2002. Look particularly at the final two paragraphs of Mr. Pfeiffer's piece. What Will Be the Next Target of the Oil Coup? by Dale Allen Pfeiffer

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